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Search Plugins

Many Web browsers allow you to install custom search engines to the search toolbar. GVSU Library Labs has created plugins for both our Library catalog and Summon so you can search the GVSU Libraries holdings without having to visit our website.

Search Summon Plugin

Summon is a simple and fast way to search nearly all of GVSU Libraries’ resources. Find articles, books, DVDs, and more, all in one place. This add-on for Firefox 2+ and Internet Explorer 7+ allows you to search Summon right from your browser’s toolbar.

Install GVSU Libraries Summon Search

Search the Catalog plugin

The GVSU Libraries’ catalog is a great place to search for books, DVDs, and more. This add-on for Firefox 2+ allows you to search the University Libraries’ catalog right from your browser’s toolbar. Note: This add-on does not work with Internet Explorer. Need Firefox? It’s a free download.

Install GVSU Libraries Catalog Search

Need Help?

After you’ve installed one (or both) of the plugins, the GVSU logo will appear in your browser’s quick search dropdown menu.

Firefox Quick Search

To search, simply select the GVSU Libraries search (for Summon) or the GVSU Libraries Catalog (for the catalog) from the quick search menu, enter your search terms, and hit Enter. Your browser will take you directly to the results screen. It’s that easy!

OpenSearch in Chrome

More information

For more information, contact Matthew Reidsma

Page last updated on April 27, 2011